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Get Your Home Ready For Buyers During Winter Months

Keep the Exterior Neat

When preparing for the exterior of your home in winter months remember that the snow outside can be an obstacle for people coming in to see your home. Make sure that your front driveway and walkway are shoveled and scraped to prevent ice from forming. If a potential buyer sees a walkway covered in snow and ice, they may not want to see your home.


Make Sure There Are No Traces of ‘Pet Mess’

In the winter it can be hard to keep your pet from dragging the outside in with them. Make sure that they are not tracking wet, slushy footprints all over your homes’ flooring. Make sure any towels that are used to wipe pets off are put away as smells can be off-putting or offensive.

Temperature of Your Home Comfortable

When a buyer comes into your home during the winter they will be dressed for the colder temperatures outside, not the temperature inside your home. When setting the temperature, make sure that it is not too hot to be wearing warm clothing. A potential buyer may not decide to remove their coat.  Also remember that it can take a while to heat a house, so set the thermostat to come on a few hours before showings.


Brighten Up Your Home Buyers Visit

In winter months there is a lot less natural daylight due to the sun setting earlier. There is a higher chance that buyers will be coming in to view your home when it is dark outside.

Make sure that lights are turned on inside and outside of your home. It is also a good idea to make sure that light bulbs and fixtures are dusted before showing your home.

Create a Cosy Feeling Indoors and Outdoors

With the holidays around the corner you can make your home more appealing to a buyer by creating a cosy atmosphere. Try hanging a wreath on your door or setting out some candles or small tasteful decorations.

Protect Your Floors From the Elements

When viewing your home a buyer could be bringing in slush and mud on their shoes or boots. Make sure top protect your flooring. Use a mat at the front entrance both inside and outside that won’t let water through. Place a sign at the front entrance asking to please remove shoes. Offering a rubber shoe mat can create a sense of organization with a lot of practicality.

Show Homebuyers What Their Potential Home Will Look Like in the Summer

To remind buyers that your home isn’t always buried in a few feet of snow, place pictures around your home of the outdoors in the summer. If you have a pool or a garden this tip will make sure they know how amazing it will look in the summer.